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    Is this a brick?

    I think I'm right saying power the camera through the power port of the GPS module to access settings. Format the card via the settings. Reset via the settings to default settings. Reset, for 5 seconds via the reset button, small hole marked [R] If not already done, download the manual...
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    Firmware Version: V2.3_20200328

    Hi all, I've just updated my 2018 Viofo A1209 Duo with the Firmware Version: V2.3_20200328, I understand it to be for the older version A129 Duo like mine. I have a couple of questions: #1, What does the Parking Recording Timer do? #2, I updated the firmware because the front camera video...
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    New Firmware Install No Go

    See here: No need to use that setting. If you do the recorded image will look the same as if you looked in your rear view mirror. Therefore, on footage a vehicle number plate will of course be back to front, right to...
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    New Firmware Install No Go

    Your problem is you have somehow renamed the .bin file. It must be FWA129.bin and not FWA129(5) Tip: Connect your camera to your computer with the USB cable plugged into the power USB port of the camera. Turn on the camera. Go into the settings and format your SD card in the camera itself...
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    New Firmware Install No Go

    Copy the downloaded .bin file to the root folder of your DCIM folder and not in it. Usually it's the USB Drive (E:) 'E' may be different, it might be a different letter, but it will be the USB Drive folder in which DCIM is under.
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    A129 Duo - Very slow respond, impossible to use.

    I purchased my A129 Duo back in October 2018. I did have a rear cable problem about 9 months later, loss of rear camera signal. Replaced the cable and since then all has been okay. I'm using firmware version 2.2 SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 Card 128GB I format the card every couple of weeks...
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    A129 Duo parking mode is not working anymore

    Just a thought, when was the last time you cleaned the contact pins on the GPS mount and camera contacts? It might be worth a try.
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    Super blurry front cam

    If you fitted a CPL filter, did you remove the protective film? From both side of the filter?
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    A/B switch for for A 129 Duo Rear Camera and Infrared Interior Camera

    I'm no expert but would guess it's not possible. I think you would need firmware that could run both types of rear camera. If it were possible, I guess you would need a 10 pin USB switchable rear camera cable splitter. Something like a short rear camera cable to a switchable 'Y' connector, then...
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    Overheating camera?

    It would be good for some to know the outcome of this post. I hope you solved it.
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    Resetting The A129 & A119 Dash Cam CPL Filter

    There's lots of video on YouTube on how to adjust (if really neccessary) the CPL filter in its housing. Most involve a lot of faffing about. My Son though came up with the most simple way to adjust the filter and I recomment it if it's really neccessary. sit in the car and hold the plastic...
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    Recorded Video Files Are Wrong & More

    OK everyone, It seems that was the cable at fault. I installed a new one and it fixed all the issues. That surprises me, because the cable is quite substantial and should stand up to quite a long period of being flexed near the rear camera, and being pushed in/pulled out of the dash cam. So I...
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    Recorded Video Files Are Wrong & More

    Today I disconnected the rear camera and the dash cam worked in normal and parking mode. The problem arises when I plug the lead into the dash cam rear camera port. I think it might actually be the board mounted socket itself, because when I press the cable in it's intermittent if I get a signal...
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    Recorded Video Files Are Wrong & More

    I tried again as suggested above. When I put the camera back into the car it will boot up without ignition on and I got the boot up sound, but now there is no overlay unless I jiggle the rear camera cable in the port. Even then it keeps flickering off and on and I keep getting lots of...
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    Recorded Video Files Are Wrong & More

    Second in my list of things I did to try and fix the issue, was the reset. The first time I did the reset procedure, if I remember correctly, it returned the camera to factory settings. Settings such as Car number, Custom text and all other settings were wiped and reset. In my last attempts it...
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    Recorded Video Files Are Wrong & More

    The camera has now failed completely. I updated to firmware 1.90. I did a factory reset. I did a format. I went thru all the settings correctly. I know they were correct because they were working correctly prior to the problems. I did all the above several times I tested the SD card and it's...
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    Video Files Not Being Overwritten & Firmware Errors

    I just worked it out. I got parking mode set at 10 frames per second, that must account for the difference in video length ompared to files recorded whilst driving. The latter are actually as set, 3 minute loops.
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    Video Files Not Being Overwritten & Firmware Errors

    Thanks, I've done a reset and reformat. I've set the loop to 3 minute as before. This time though I've set parking mode to a lower bitrate instead of auto detect. It's recording 1:59 video segments instead of 3:00. I still think the firmware is buggy. The file properties do not relate to the...
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    Video Files Not Being Overwritten & Firmware Errors

    The SD card was formatted in camera. 3 minute looping
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    Video Files Not Being Overwritten & Firmware Errors

    Setup: A129 Duo with 1.80 firmware and SanDisk 128 GB A1 Class 10 Micro SD Card. Tested and perfect. The problems: Since updating the firmware to 1.80, when the SD card fills up older video files are not being deleted by being overwritten Folders and files are being created in root that...