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    Not recording prior to emergency button push

    Now, most of our cameras can lock two videos simultaneously when an emergency recording is triggered, there will be a little difference in spefic cameras, but it is similar as per the below pic.
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    Viofo A139 3ch wifi issue..

    Is the blue WIFI led flashing? you can reset the camera by pressing the WIFI and triage buttons simultaneously. If nothing helps. We shall suggest you try firmware V1.7. Please open a ticket if all fails...
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    The dashcam doesn't support AV output to HDMI. You may need a converter.
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    iOS app crash after connecting to cam

    How is everything? You can try to update to firmware V1,7.
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    Error Code 1001: The request timed out

    You may also try to switch to 5GHZ WIFI. if the issue persists, you can seek support by opening a ticket here,
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    A129 plus duo has freezed and won't respond

    we have received your Ticket and will communicate with you there, if you have any other issues, please feel free to contact us.
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    Wifi 5ghz and question about downloading video via the app

    Thank you for choosing our product, Plus does not support 5GHZ WIFI, so there is no option, as to the clip, you can download the whole clip first and edit it on your phone tool, you can choose 1 minute for loop recording instead of 3 minutes. if you have any other issues, please feel free to...
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    iOS app crash after connecting to cam

    how is it if you disable your cellular data? some IOS users may need to do that.
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    A129 plus duo powers off constantly

    Hello, We noticed the power cable had a loose connection. could you please take the main camera home and use the original short USB cable to test? Also, we suggest you upgrade the latest firmware to test, link as below...
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    A139 3CH Recording Issue

    Hello, you can also check if the interior cable or rear cable has a loose connection. unplug one of them or both of them to test if the problem still exists.
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    Bad Video/Pic Quality

    Hello, you can reach for more details of your problem.
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    How do I update my Viofo dash cam?

    Hi Molly, May I know what's the model of your dashcam and which firmware version you want?
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    What is a Dash Cam and Why Do I Need One?

    Ok, thanks for your reminder.
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    What is a Dash Cam and Why Do I Need One?

    Hello, a dashcam can save beautiful moments during your journey. also, it can record the important moments of a car accident.
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    A129 Plus Duo Front Cam keeps freezing and breaking up

    Hello, actually we can use MPC and VLC video players very well. Could you please upload a sample video to Wetransfer? We'd like to check it and provide a solution accordingly. Thanks in advance.
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    A129 Plus Duo Front Cam keeps freezing and breaking up

    Hello, we suggest you use VLC or MPC video player to playback the video on a computer to test.
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    Are you photogenic? Or only attractive in person?

    Hello, you can advise your problem here, we will always help you with your camera problem.
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    Testing Cameras & Accessories Before Installation.

    1. You can try the latest app version 2.5, download link as below: 2. You can upgrade the firmware to test. link as below: 3. You can send an original video that has...
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    A129 plus latest firmware

    Hello, The newer version camera's firmware is different from the older one, so we put different firmware bin file below and showed how to distingush:
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    Cold Weather Question - At What Point Do You Bring Your Cameras Inside?

    Hello, Normally the camera's Operating Temperature range from -10℃ to 65℃ and Storage Temperature range from-20℃ to 70℃.