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  1. benkar


    Image quality is much depending on light conditions. My camera is worse when there is a lot of green (trees, grass). However, your night shots are bad quality. You definitely took off the protective foil of lenses?
  2. benkar

    Voice is not clear (Viofo A129 plus latest firmware)

    You probably have a relaxed microphone inside the camera. You need to open the camera and fix the microphone (stick).
  3. benkar

    Sometimes the device doesn't work automatically

    The same thing sometimes happens to me (just today), but I don't see it as a fundamental problem. I have a camera involved over 3hw kit.
  4. benkar

    A129 Duo Out of focus?

    I would try sharing the lens according to this manual: ...and the microphone really bursts. I had the same problem and was enough to fasten it.
  5. benkar

    A129 Duo Out of focus?

    Hi. Interestingly. Dashboard looks sharply. Do you use the CPL filter? Looks really to blur the lens. In addition, I feel that rattle a relaxed microphone (cracking).
  6. benkar

    Dash Cam Placement on 'Frit'

    The black part of the glass is a baked ceramic coating. In my opinion, sticking and possible peeling of the camera did not damage the coating. I have never seen this black (dotted) part of the glass damaged, peeled.
  7. benkar

    Why Was my Review Flagged by Amazon?

    I don't know, but it can't be because you named competitive cameras? Otherwise nice reviews.
  8. benkar

    Bluetooth button

    Bloutetooth Button is used to save the video file (record length is the same as recorded files - 1- max.10 min. - according to the settings in the camera) to the "RO" folder and Creates a photo at the moment of pressing.
  9. benkar

    App Requires I Format SD Card Every Start-up

    It's strange. Originally I had an SD card from Samsung SDXC 128GB with which I had constant problems. Then I bought an SD card VIOFO 128GB MLC UHS-3. I have for the third year (I don't even format the card) and the card works without the smallest problem. So I can recommend cards from Viofo.
  10. benkar

    Hard Wired A129 no longer shuts down.

    Does it make every time? In my case it happens that sometimes the camera does not turn off after turning off the ignition. And vice versa, sometimes it does not turn on after starting. It is often not often, but it happens. I don't know where to look for a problem.
  11. benkar

    Rear camera firmware??? Where is it???

    ...and size rearcam is 0 KB :-)
  12. benkar

    Rear camera firmware??? Where is it???

    There is only one FW. The back camera does not have a separate FW.
  13. benkar

    Fault in parking condition

    Strange. Did you try to format the card to FAT 32? Best right in the camera. What types of cards are you using?
  14. benkar

    VIOFO A129 Dash Cam Firmware

    I had a similar experience with FW 2.1. The camera did not turn off after turning off the engine, respectively after pulling the ignition key. I use FW 1.8 and the camera turns off. I do not use the parking mode.
  15. benkar

    Can't delete a locked file in the app

    That's okay when it's locked files. You will delete them in the PC.
  16. benkar

    Firmware Update

    Yes, extra FW is not for the rear camera. Only the front camera is updated.
  17. benkar

    Can Viofo A129 Duo support 512gb memory card?

    The manufacturer indicates 256 GB max. So why not finally apply. Perhaps 512 will work, but unpredictable behavior, eg cameras, or records may occur.
  18. benkar

    Can Viofo A129 Duo support 512gb memory card?

    No, support max. 256 Gb.
  19. benkar

    Parking mode continuously recording.

    Either you have a poorly installed HW3 set or poorly set mode in camera. What parking mode do you have set in camera?