a129 pro duo

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    A129 Pro Duo GPS module, power consumption and more

    Hello there. I wonder whenever I should buy with the GPS module or not, so I have a few questions: What is the additional power consumption of the GPS module when recording? Will the GPS work in parking mode / consume additional energy? Is the GPS module the same size, the mount without GPS...
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    A129 PRO 4K Duo as rear view on external screen in LCV cars

    Hello there. I'm searching for a dash cam which will obviously do it's job as dual registrar, but also be able to display image from rear camera on external the screen. We want to use it as rear view in LCV type of cars (like Fiat Ducato / Citroën Jumper / Peugeot Boxer / etc.) which don't have...
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    Any way to disable the screensaver?

    I have the A129 Pro Duo. In the app's setting, I'm able to select the option 'never' under screensaver but it defaults to 1 second in the camera. Is this a bug on the app? I would like to have the screen on at all times.