dead battery

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    A129 hardwire kit, at 12.4 but battery still dying

    Hi All, I did some searching but didn't find a silver bullet. I've got this thing hardwired in a GT350 and after 3 days the car battery is dead. First time having this issue I realized I had set to 11.8V. Then switched to 12.4, and still dead battery after 3 days. Before going the hardwire...
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    Dead Battery.... Wired wrong?

    Ive had the A129Duo for a while and ran the wiring externally. In Sept. 2019 I took it to Best Buy to have them install under headliner,etc and wire correctly. I bought Viofos hard wire and tap kits and gave them both but they did not use the tap kit. When I got home, I could not get parking...