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    A129 Duo - Parking Mode not engaging/recording too much

    Hi guys, I've had my A129 Duo for almost 3 years now, and have never really had issues with it until recently when I noticed it wasn't capturing footage. While I would be driving, I would see the REC light flashing and the screen saying "All data will be deleted" and there would be no way of...
  2. A

    Dashcam skipping footage?

    For some reason (it always has been like this but it never bothered me enough to care about it), my dashcam always skips recording for like 15-30 seconds and I can never understand when it happens. I've realized that skipping that long could cost you some good evidence if it happens to be at the...
  3. A

    Cam not turning off even when engine is off. Parking Mode not working?

    Hi guys, I recently installed my dashcam using the 3-wire hardwire kit on my '19 WRX. I was previously using the 12V plug that came with the dashcam when I haven't got the chance to do the full install of the hardwire kit. I believe that when the cam was just using the 12V plug, it turns off...
  4. D

    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    Hello, I have a question regarding the A129 Duo and hardwiring. I have noticed on previous models I've owned (A119S) that turning Parking Mode on causes constant alerts and clips to be saved during driving, which leads me to believe that Parking Mode has to be manually enabled every time I want...
  5. Choux

    Git2 Not Charging or Powering on

  6. L

    Keeps turning off

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    My video's are round (help)

  8. A

    Need help with file size

  9. Y

    Memory card - How to remove/unmount?