stop recording a119 v3

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    Viofo A119 V3 does not power on with ignition and other issues

    I have used the Viofo A119 V3 I have used the Viofo A119 V3 for more than a month and found several issues with it. The major issue with the Viofo A119 V3 or indeed any Viofo dashcam is that you will need a dashcam viewer to make use of the GPS data captured by the dashcam GPS unit. Viofo...
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    A119 V3 stop recording

    This is the second time (the next day) when the camera stops recording. The LED flashes and I receive a warning that it is not recording. If you press the record button, it starts. The card was formatted in the video camera. I use a 128gb sandisk high endurance card. What's the matter? Now I'm...