Best way to battle clipped (overexposed) channels?

Prokop S

Nov 1, 2016
I like GIT2 it's comparable to Hero 4 in normal conditions, but it has one minor flaw that really cuts down video quality.
I like it, please don't label me as hater, I'm just passionate in such manner, that it might be irritating for some.

I'm quite strugling what the overexposure elimination is concerned. Some others cams I have worked with have worse colors and image, but none of them distorts clipped pixels in such strange way. Others cams just have white over the clipped place, but Git2 has there ugly sharp two-color gradient (like in the photo below - street lamp).

What is the best solution in your opinion?
- Change camera settings
- Buy a ND grad filter
- Wrong image sensor calibration (not pure white light during DP Dark Adjust (some minor shadows - don't own sufficient light source))
-Firmware bug from factory (I have seen such ugly overexposure in the videos of other users).

From technical POV I have two teories about the problem. It seems to me that camera gets clipped in one or two channels (not all three) and gets confused from that. Or it is caused by very harsh compression (seems more unlikely from my POV).

I like moving forward, getting something better and getting more of something, please anybody feel free to share your option, sometimes I have heard some suggestions about image quality, and if we can tell what is wrong, it might help Gitup to develop a fix for that.

Please don't say it's windscreen reflection or something like that, it happens with sun or whatever bright too.
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