Parking Mode, Low Frame Rate & Playback


Oct 23, 2018
Hi all,

The purpose of this thread is to discuss Parking Mode and the low 'Time lapse' frame rate setting, and playback using any playback software.

I have 'Parking mode' set to 3 minute loop segments and 'Time lapse' frame rate of 10fps, I haven't tried the other frame rates as yet.

I've had no problems in the recording of videos on 3 minute loop setting at 10fps. During recording data being written to the files is 30fps, not 10fps - and so on for the other parking mode 'reduced frame rate' options.

Why is this?
Well, because if the frame rate written to the video file is not as per the actual 'Time lapse' setting, when it is played back in most software the video will look jerky/jittery. Have you ever wondered why?

It would only look correct if the software had options to play back at a recorded frame rate of 10fps. In other words, at 10fps is 1/3 the 30fps written to file.

A good example of this is Dashcam Viewer. If one opens the file it will default to 30fps. Dashcam Viewer does have settings to reduce the playback speed, lets say -2, this would be 15 fps, or one and a half reduced splayback speed. If it had 3 times reduced playback speed, playback of a file of 10fps with data written incorrectly written at 30fps, would look correct.

The only advantage of a low frame rate is a smaller file size, but at the cost of a poor playback quality if the file is written at 30fps, i.e. three times the playback speed.

I have attached a file showing this. Notice the frame rate is 30fps, three times the actual 10fps 'time lapse' setting. If the file were to be written by the firmware as 10fps instead of 30fps, then during playback at 30fps there would be no jerky/jittery effect.


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