a129 pro / a129 pro duo

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    5G Wifi option missing

    Hello, Recently updated firmware from 2.4 to 2.5 at the same time I noticed that I used to be able to choose 5G as the default Wifi band. This is no longer an option. Downgraded firmware back to 2.4 but the option is still missing. The app is up to date. thanks
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    A129 Pro Duo Firmware2.0 does not go to parkingmode

    I had updated the frimware to 2.0 -version- V2.0.20200710 - did reset the camera with the hard reset button. When using timelapse recording it stays on normal recording 2 min 4k clips no timelapse. tryed 3 sec and 5 sec timelapse settings bud all the same.
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    purple screen occured at rear cam and stuck viofo logo screen (a129 pro duo)

    I ve just bought new a129 pro duo and have problem with rear cam that has purple screen for many times . Sometimes , purple screen at rear cam is disappeared and back to normal. And next problem , when cam is started , it stuck viofo logo screen , freezed and cannot press any button for long...