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Telepítettem az A119 V3 2.6T Auto HDR szoftverét. Köszönöm a betünagyság növelését. Így már elfogadható. (még +50% lehetne).
Hiányolom a 2560x1440 60 fps lehetõséget akár HDR nélkül is.
Kérdezem, sebesség figyelmeztetés
a táblák alapján kivezetésre került.

Tisztelettel: Tata
Tegnapi hozzászólásomat módosítanom kell.A hiányolt 1440 60fps HDR off esetén elérhető, valamint a betűk is megfelelő méretűek lettek 4K 21:9 használatkor.
Üdv. Tata
Hi Cindy:

Sorry to bother you but I was communicating with a Viofo support member and had written a reply but unfortunately my reply has been waiting for moderator approval for about 16-17 hours now.

Could you please help.

Thank you,

Installed my A129 Pro Duo 4K 2 weeks ago. It worked perfectly for one and a half days. The record button is always flashing now. I will power off then power on and it will record for three minutes then freeze the last frame then stop recording. What can I do?

"The record button is always flashing now." It's normal if you pressed the REC button to stop recording.

"it will record for three minutes then freeze the last frame then stop recording." For this problem, you can try to format the SD card and update the firmware to V2.3.

Please assure you use the original car charger. You can also unplug the rear cable to have a try.
Help ! new user here. I have a viofo A139 dash camera. Unfortunately I forget my wifi password. Does anyone know how to reset dash cam wifi password?. thanks
I believe the password can be displayed on the camera screen itself once you put it in WIFI mode? if not, you might have to do a factory reset.
If you forget the password, usually you need to upgrade the firmware to reset the password to the default 12345678.