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  • Hello,

    I would like to use another gps module on the git 3 duo.
    Your module uses only 3 wires.
    Do you know a compatible GPS module?
    I would like to connect a gps Qstarz 10hz.
    Do you have the pinout usb for the gps
    Thank you.
    Hello, submitted a ticket for my GIT2 (date/time reset when changing battery) but I am unable to login for view the status. Please contact me via my e-mail address.
    A problem is occurring & It may be related to the latest firmware update. Tied to ambient noise, like the audio processor is gating closed until a certain dB level may be felt, otherwise the camera injects static. I posted a sample video clip that demonstrates the problem. Shooting 1080P 60 with audio set to MED level, the rest of the settings set to default.
    Hello, please could you get somebody to check my ticket #816. I've been waiting for over 40 days to get a problem fixed. I was dealing with Bill Zhou. Thank you
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