a129 hardwire kit

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    can I install A129 Pro in BMW X3 without fuse box access?

    Hi, I just bought A129 Pro dual cam and hardwire kit for my X3. Now I can't find the post but I found it before in the google search, someone installed A129 in his X3 without fuse box connecting. He cut two elec wires from front interior light and connect battery cable, ACC yellow cable and...
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    [Question] A129 Duo Hardwire using OBD port and Fuse tap

    Hello, I want to know if red wire (Power) of the HK3 is disconnected but yellow wire (ACC) is given 12V, will the HK3 or A129 be damaged in any way? I'm thinking about installing A129 Duo and hardwire with HK3 using OBD II port. The background is my car did not have any always on fuse in the...
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    Viofo HK3 Kit Works Nicely

    I ordered and installed the HK3 Kit but I noticed on the Viofo website that this kit cannot be connected to the GPS mount. This means it can only be used for connection to the non-GPS mount which is a direct power to camera connection. Parking mode will not work with this kit. The information...