First Time Experience: External Microphone produced more than sound.


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Jul 9, 2016
I did my first commercial production application using the GIT-2 in the way I had intended it for... getting my boss on camera to promote product. The included clip is a sample of the footage I shot yesterday.
Ultimately, I suspect I'm at fault for shooting footage with a less than a fully charged battery.

I first suspected a weak shield connection on the mic line & close proximity to the store's audio receiver to the lavaliere mic, but the clipper is also on footage shot elsewhere in the store, at the same level. The clipper noise is originating inside the camera circuitry.
The "clipper" is most likely the power supply circuit of the camera producing a sinusoidal square wave, and because of the lower battery capacity, the cap discharge is bleeding onto the audio signal.
The moral...
ALWAYS start a shoot on a fully charged battery, & plan the most energy intensive work done first. Good video AND sound draws the most juice.
Oh...and ALWAYS stop & review the footage you shoot, or at least a sample. In the GIT-2's case it means downloading & playing back a small clip to a computer or wifi device to hear the audio.
I did my best to mask & filter the audio, I regret now not reviewing the footage before putting the camera back in the bag. But still, I think the final cut still turned out OK. (For what it's worth...facebook fodder)

The final cut video can be viewed HERE