Rear cam recording 1 second ahead of the front.


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Dec 26, 2020
Viofo A129 plus duo

I wonder if anyone has come across this previously?

At first, I thought it was my poor video editing but I've tried using my Mac's iMovie and VideoPad Editor and I get the same results - the rear cam starts recording 1 second earlier than the front. This may not seem like a big issue and to be honest, it's not but I just find it odd that the rear cam starts recording before the front. I've checked various clips and compared the front and rear cams and it seems to be the same on every clip. I've checked the settings on the cam but I can't see anything relating to synchronizing both cams.

And btw a while ago I reported stuttering playback on my old (2010) Mac. I have since bought a 2020 Mac and no more stuttering!

Cheers all,