there are serous bug in the Viofo G1W-S wifi


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Aug 22, 2020
  • very low video bit rate. A lot of details is lost by artifacts. Quality is much worse than in Viofo G1W-CB
  • customized wifi network name cannot use character "-" in spite default network name uses "-".
  • when wifi is enabled and recording is stopped then warning beeps are muted. Generally saying all beeps are muted in spite of ones are enabled in the menu.
  • bitrate selector (high/low) in the menu does not work. On both settings 1 minute long, static video takes exactly 83,5MB.
It was tested on firmware signed as 2019.12.02 (out-of-box)

I have compared also video stream of G1-WS wifi vs. G1W-CB and in W-S the stream has 280MB size when in W-CB has 430MB size. The same 3 minutes length of recording. G1W-S seems useless :(

Quick calculations tells me that G1W-S wifi has only stream 12Mbit and older G1W-CB has excellent 19Mbit.
So, where is declared on 17Mbit?
Where is famous quality improvement regarding older G1W-CB?

I have checked also firware taken from (signed as 2019.06.03) and there is the same situation. Stream has 12,6Mbit in each setting of bitrate.

Firmware taken from is signed as 2019.04.17 and wifi does not work at all!
What is the reason that Viovo distributes old and faulty firmware?

Shame on you Viofo!!!
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