Two things - microphone and resolution suggestions

George Caveney

New Member
Sep 28, 2017
Hi everyone,

Just set up my Git1 to use for recording motorbike trips. What is the best resolution/FPS to use for this?

Also, I have the recommended external mic for this so I can talk while I ride, without wind noise (mic clipped to inside of my helmet; camera mounted on the chin of the helmet)... but I'm still getting lots of external noise. If I turn the 'record audio' off in settings, does it turn off the microphone input too? Or do I simply tape over the built-in microphone holes on the camera? I've got the camera out of its waterproof case so I can plug the microphone in!

Any thoughts most welcome. It did freeze, too, when I got it back from a test run. Had to pull the battery out, but all footage was saved.

Also, the remote doesn't pair, but I assume it's just an old battery. I'll try that before I send it back.

Thanks in advance,