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    A139 3CH Recording Issue

    Has anyone experienced their A139 3CH randomly stop recording and resume recording while driving? For the past month I’ve experienced my camera beeping and saying “Recording, 3 channels started” while driving even though my camera initially started recording as soon as I started the ignition of...
  2. A

    Cannot enable WiFi at times

    Hi there, I am having a sporadic issue for which the WiFi button will not respond. I press and hold the WiFi button for 5 seconds, even 10 seconds and nothing happens. (The camera is on and recording, three lights present but wifi light does not illuminate. ) Once this happens, I have to...
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    Viofo A139 - parking mode off after 1 hour

    Hi all, Last week I was very happy my garage installed my new 2CH A139 (in my Mercedes A class W176). While driving it works fine, and after turning off my engine it switches to parking mode. Unfortunately after 1 hour it will turn off. What I already did: I did a long drive to make sure my...