A139 3CH Recording Issue


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Jan 23, 2022
Has anyone experienced their A139 3CH randomly stop recording and resume recording while driving? For the past month I’ve experienced my camera beeping and saying “Recording, 3 channels started” while driving even though my camera initially started recording as soon as I started the ignition of my car. Every day at least once during my drive from point A to B the camera acts up.

I tried reformatting my San Disk Ultra A1 256 GB microSD in the camera as well as on my computer. I even updated to the latest firmware and still receive this recording issue. I checked the wiring of all cameras and it seems connected (no loose connections).

One thing to note is I had a standard remote start installed on my car from my local dealership and these issues occurred after such installation. Do you think it’s related to that? Or maybe my microSD has issues since my car was parked outside during the recent cold snap in Vancouver, BC where temperature ranged from -10 to -14 °C (maybe even near -20 °C with windchill).

Any suggestions on finding and fixing the issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


  • A139 3CH hardwired + external battery pack (BlackVue B-124X)
  • A139 firmware v1.6_1028
  • VIOFO iOS app v2.3
  • Vehicle is a 2017 RAV4 Platinum AWD
  • A139 3CH and accessories bought from BlackboxMyCar Canada

Camera Routine:

HOME: When parked I hold down power button on the main camera unit to turn off and disconnect power cable that’s connected to it. I reconnect the power cable to the main camera unit before I start my car.

OTHER PLACES: Camera is never disconnected and left as is to go into parking mode when the ignition is off. When I start the car, the camera switches from parking mode to recording mode.

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Feb 24, 2019
Sounds like a poor cable connection or bad cable. Make sure they are fully seated. It should take some effort/force to get them to seat properly. When properly seated, they should not be very easy to remove.
Also, the SanDisk Ultra cards are not a good choice in dash cameras. Get the SanDisk High Endurance card or Samsung Pro Endurance.


Jul 16, 2021
Hello, you can also check if the interior cable or rear cable has a loose connection. unplug one of them or both of them to test if the problem still exists.