1. M

    iOS app crash after connecting to cam

    Hi all, Maybe someone else also experienced the problem I have: Today I upgraded my Viofo A139 2ch to the newest firmware: FWA139A. When I try to connect via Wifi with my cam, the following happens: I connect to Wifi, no problem I start the newest iOS app, no problem I touch connect; for a...
  2. X

    Wrong Year in Wi-Fi App

    For some reason on the app, it says the year is 2088..... The time stamp on the video is correct but not in the app. Also when I try to play back many videos via the app it just starts to load then stops and won't play, like the video is corrupt :( I tried to update firmware but the version I...
  3. Athanasios Staikos

    I am new owner of Git2P

  4. Genuinearticle

    App update -not in english

  5. R

    connect camera to smartphone