1. T

    A119 - broken lens

    Hi, I just noticed that the lens on my A119 is broken. Is it possible to replace the lens? I also have the add-on gps module. If the lens cannot be replaced should I get another A119 so that I can reuse my gps module? Or is the camera obsolete? Thanks in advance.
  2. T

    G3 Lens

    I think it might do, but a safer option, is to use the slave module, it uses a standard M12 , its very easy to unscrew, i replaced with a standard NIR lens and it worked great with IR led torch, only issue is not rtsp stream yet with slave camera. This way no risk of damaging main camera...
  3. Pierre Gielen

    Replace lenses 'on the fly'?

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    Naked lens filters

  5. A

    My video's are round (help)

  6. J

    Lens Filter/Cover

  7. S

    Lens Removal