hardwire kit

  1. B

    Parking mode works badly

    Hi,I have a A119 V2 with last firmware version (4.01). I've bought an hardwire kit to use parking mode. After 5 minutes the dashcam enable correctly the parking mode,but after few minutes (no motion,no g-sensor input and the car is parked) the dashcam start a normal recording (1:30 minutes...
  2. S

    A119 V3 Parking modes are not working

    Hi! Last week I went to a car hi-fi store where the guys connected the hardwire cable to the fuse box, and when starting up the car, the camera starts up fine. Check. But when I turn on parking mode (either motion sensing, or for instance 3fps recording, it's just not working. When I turn off...
  3. F

    Hardwire kit for A119v2

    I see the hardwire kit only has a positive (always connected to power) and negative wire. How does the A119 know to switch to parking mode if the current is constant...
  4. GilesP

    Rear camera cable and general socket/cable issues

    Hi All, Just bought a pair of A129 Duo cameras, one for my wifes car and one for mine to replace my tired old Mini 0803 After installing in my wifes car (small 5 door hatchback), a few things have come to mind: The instructions state clearly that the camera cable for the rear cam needs to be...