viofo a129 duo parking mode

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    A129 Duo stays in driving mode for long time whilst parked, also beeping whilst driving

    I have two issues, possibly related. A129 Duo with v2.1 firmware on 3-wire hardwire kit. First: the dash cam stays in driving mode for a long time after parking. For example today:- Parked car and A129 stayed in driving mode constantly recording for 50 minutes, then it switched to parking...
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    Parking mode switch

    Good day, i'm considering buying an A129 Pro Duo but i'm unsure about it's parking mode. As i have a garage box available at home and at work i don't need it very often. Is there a way to turn it on/off quickly when needed while parking in a public lot? thanks!
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    Parking mode

    Hi all I had my Dash Cams installed a couple of weeks ago, the hard wire kit was faulty because it continued to record all night then died the next day. The second hard wire kit was installed and it was set at 12.4, parking mode lasted about 2 minutes, then die off at 12.2 (set at 4K video)...
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    Cam not turning off even when engine is off. Parking Mode not working?

    Hi guys, I recently installed my dashcam using the 3-wire hardwire kit on my '19 WRX. I was previously using the 12V plug that came with the dashcam when I haven't got the chance to do the full install of the hardwire kit. I believe that when the cam was just using the 12V plug, it turns off...
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    Parking Mode, Low Frame Rate & Playback

    Hi all, The purpose of this thread is to discuss Parking Mode and the low 'Time lapse' frame rate setting, and playback using any playback software. I have 'Parking mode' set to 3 minute loop segments and 'Time lapse' frame rate of 10fps, I haven't tried the other frame rates as yet. I've had...