motion detection

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    Buffered parking mode

    Hi, What exact settings need to be chosen if I want the dash cam to work when the engine is off? To be more precise, I want the buffered parking to be on when the engine is off. I have all hardwire installed and it worked the first time. But the second time it did not. So I was wondering if the...
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    [Feature request]: Turn off parking motion detection

    Dear Viofo, I bought an A129 dashcam because it was recommended by a lot of people on reddit. I actually went for the mid-range A129 DUO. I haven't installed it yet, but I have been playing around with the settings a bit. I've also ordered the HK3 hardwiring kit that I plan to use in the...
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    Problem with parking mode A129

    Hello! I recently purchased VIOFO A129 just the front camera (firmware 1.9) and am extremely pleased with the image quality (day and night). But I have a big issue with settings in parking mode that seems to not work and the user manual does not help me at all (it is extremely brief). I haven't...
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    What’s the difference between parking mode and motion detection?

    I have the a119s what's the difference between parking mode and motion detection? Why can only one be on at a time? I have the A119S and I like to know the best options I should be using?
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    WiFi & Motion Detection

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    Motion detection sensitivity