1. E

    GPS Module Power Issues and Buzz

    Hi, Recently, I noticed that my A129 Pro Duo won't turn on properly when the power is connected through the GPS module. The red recording light comes on for a second, and then there's nothing. When I plug the power into the side instead, it works, but there's a high-pitched buzz that is...
  2. H

    A129 Pro Duo power usage measurements + suggestion

    I used my multi-meter to measure current (amps) drawn by my newly installed A129 Pro Duo front and rear cameras, and wanted to share the results. Note that it is likely that the A129 needs a certain amount of power for any specific situation and since power (watts) = voltage * current (amps), I...
  3. D

    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    Hello, I have a question regarding the A129 Duo and hardwiring. I have noticed on previous models I've owned (A119S) that turning Parking Mode on causes constant alerts and clips to be saved during driving, which leads me to believe that Parking Mode has to be manually enabled every time I want...
  4. Choux

    Git2 Not Charging or Powering on

  5. B

    Power cable for Git2 (in car)