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    Parking mode question

    Is the space allotted for parking mode on A129 pro duo different from the rest of the storage. Or rather is the way parking mode uses storage different from regular recording? I have a 128GB endurance card from Samsung. I have parking mode set to event detection. I park on the street so there...
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    GPS Module Power Issues and Buzz

    Hi, Recently, I noticed that my A129 Pro Duo won't turn on properly when the power is connected through the GPS module. The red recording light comes on for a second, and then there's nothing. When I plug the power into the side instead, it works, but there's a high-pitched buzz that is...
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    Lock button dont losk the clip it suppose to

    I have 1 minute video clips when recording and when i press lock video button in 00:58 it seems it save only clip when i pressed the button. When something happend in 00:58 and i press lock button in 1:00 camera will save the clip after event becase camera started new clip 00:01. Good idea is to...
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    Cam not turning off even when engine is off. Parking Mode not working?

    Hi guys, I recently installed my dashcam using the 3-wire hardwire kit on my '19 WRX. I was previously using the 12V plug that came with the dashcam when I haven't got the chance to do the full install of the hardwire kit. I believe that when the cam was just using the 12V plug, it turns off...
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    Wi-Fi Lock Problem

    In case the wi-fi stays on continuously the device hangs in some cases. For example; when recording the vehicle in the parking lot, the camera starts to sound when the vehicle is started with the ignition key, then the device is locked. I disconnect the power of the device from the GPS module...
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    FPV issue