1. A

    Cannot enable WiFi at times

    Hi there, I am having a sporadic issue for which the WiFi button will not respond. I press and hold the WiFi button for 5 seconds, even 10 seconds and nothing happens. (The camera is on and recording, three lights present but wifi light does not illuminate. ) Once this happens, I have to...
  2. BigBillSD

    A129 Connectivity Observations

    It was very difficult to get useful information on the A129's connectivity options and configuration prior to purchasing one. I bought one, and was stunned to figure out how its implemented. There is no Bluetooth, which would is how electronics have connected around the world for a long...
  3. A

    Feature request: Disable parking mode when within wifi range OR at GPS location OR both

    This is a feature request for VIOFO Implement in firmware a feature which turns off parking mode when car is within range of a wifi AP with a particular SSID name, optionally with a password for authentication. OR if within a certain distance of a specified GPS coordinate(s) How it can be done...
  4. B

    A129 Duo - WIFI 2.4 ghz vs 5ghz

    I'm finding that the WIFI 2.4 ghz is very slow to copy over a 3 min file. How much is it faster in 5ghz? in terms on averge Mbps for 5ghz wifi connection.
  5. H

    Wifi button stuck

  6. pkzipper

    Wifi app (Android) cannot connect

  7. B

    Git2 Firmware 1.5 WiFi frozen