a129 duo

  1. A

    A129 Duo - Parking Mode not engaging/recording too much

    Hi guys, I've had my A129 Duo for almost 3 years now, and have never really had issues with it until recently when I noticed it wasn't capturing footage. While I would be driving, I would see the REC light flashing and the screen saying "All data will be deleted" and there would be no way of...
  2. C

    A129 Duo - Very slow respond, impossible to use.

    Hello! I decided to write my own thread because I can't find any solutions. I have Viofo A129 Duo (with parking mode 24/h) for about half a year. I had a big problem right from the start that I am trying to fight all the time. The camera works relatively smoothly after inserting a fresh memory...
  3. BigBillSD

    A129 Connectivity Observations

    It was very difficult to get useful information on the A129's connectivity options and configuration prior to purchasing one. I bought one, and was stunned to figure out how its implemented. There is no Bluetooth, which would is how electronics have connected around the world for a long...
  4. A

    What MicroSD card do you use and what is your experience with it ?

    Hi, after upgrading to the new fw on my A129 duo I ran into the problem that my device won't record with the rear camera attached. So i tried to test the microSD(samsung evo plus) card and this is the result (see image). Previously I was using sandisk extreme, but it only recorded when it wanted...
  5. A

    The camera doesn't show GPS info or get into parking mode anymore!

    Greetings everyone, I had my replacement A129 dashcam working flawlessly for approximately 9 months, but until recently, some issues have shown up. Firstly, the GPS has suddenly stopped working. The camera itself shows me "No GPS", and on the recorded videos, there's no speed or coordinates in...
  6. R

    A129 Duo Blurry?

    I have an A129 Duo that I purchased in March of 2019, so it clearly out of warranty. This month, I noticed that the left front portion of the camera image is very blurry. I tried cleaning the lens and CPL and neither helped. Is this a focusing issue or something else? Thanks!
  7. R

    A129 Duo Best Settings?

    What are the best settings for an A129 Duo running firmware v2.1? Thanks!
  8. O

    [Question] A129 Duo Hardwire using OBD port and Fuse tap

    Hello, I want to know if red wire (Power) of the HK3 is disconnected but yellow wire (ACC) is given 12V, will the HK3 or A129 be damaged in any way? I'm thinking about installing A129 Duo and hardwire with HK3 using OBD II port. The background is my car did not have any always on fuse in the...
  9. A

    Feature request: Disable parking mode when within wifi range OR at GPS location OR both

    This is a feature request for VIOFO Implement in firmware a feature which turns off parking mode when car is within range of a wifi AP with a particular SSID name, optionally with a password for authentication. OR if within a certain distance of a specified GPS coordinate(s) How it can be done...
  10. A

    Rear camera view display on sterio when in reverse? Hardwire video outputs?

    Hello, I have a touch screen stereo. ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PRB 2DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo and a VIOFO Dual Dash Cam A129 Duo. This stereo has the connections for a backup camera. I was wondering is there any way that I can have the A129 display the rear camera when the car is in reverse...
  11. L

    Newly installed A129 Duo Pro issues

    I've done a bit of research and waiting to hear back from Viofo on my issues. Hoping someone smarter than me can point me in the right direction. I just installed the A129 Duo Pro using the HK3 hardwire kit. The cameras come on when I start my vehicle and appear to be recording, then at 30...
  12. M

    My A129 can't turn on

    Today, i just found that the front camera isn't recording because the camera is error. It doesn't show the screen, just the logo. I've tried to unplug the charger several times but it's still the same. Anyone have some advice? Help me pls
  13. A

    Lock button dont losk the clip it suppose to

    I have 1 minute video clips when recording and when i press lock video button in 00:58 it seems it save only clip when i pressed the button. When something happend in 00:58 and i press lock button in 1:00 camera will save the clip after event becase camera started new clip 00:01. Good idea is to...
  14. A

    Dashcam skipping footage?

    For some reason (it always has been like this but it never bothered me enough to care about it), my dashcam always skips recording for like 15-30 seconds and I can never understand when it happens. I've realized that skipping that long could cost you some good evidence if it happens to be at the...
  15. BCHobbyist

    Wide Dynamic Range - WDR On or Off ?

    WDR can help brighten very dark shadows or darken very bright sky. It can work well under certain lighting conditions but also degrade video with increased glare, blur and graininess. My preference is to disable Wide Dynamic Range image processing feature because of what it does to my night...
  16. B

    How to set wifi to 5ghz on A129 Duo

    I have an A129 Duo and am connecting with an Android OnePlus 5. The wifi connection is always at 2.4Ghz and downloads files slowly. I have been through the manual and the settings on the camera via the app and can't see any option to set to 5Ghz. Was this added in a later firmware update or can...
  17. B

    Which hardware do I need to hardwire A129 Duo.

    Hello. I recently bought an A129 Duo camera. I have no technician knowledge as to how to hardwire it, and I'm planning to pay someone to do it for me. The question is, what should I buy additionally in order to hardwire it? I've seen a hardwire kit, and a fuse kit. It's just that I'm not so...
  18. C

    How to install A129 Duo?

    How to install A129 Duo?
  19. C

    For A129 Duo, what format does it use for the video, mov, mp2, mp4 or avi?

    For A129 Duo, what format does it use for the video, mov, mp2, mp4 or avi?