1. C

    Duo IR with NON IR firmware / BEST firmware for AutoEventDetection Parking mode?

    Hey everybody. Since few years I'm using viofo dashcams. Always with some small issues, but still working great. Last few weeks I'm getting crazy about how newer updates works :( I was always using firmware v1.03 with Low bitrate parking mode. It was working fine tho, but every few weeks camera...
  2. C

    A129 Duo - Very slow respond, impossible to use.

    Hello! I decided to write my own thread because I can't find any solutions. I have Viofo A129 Duo (with parking mode 24/h) for about half a year. I had a big problem right from the start that I am trying to fight all the time. The camera works relatively smoothly after inserting a fresh memory...
  3. M

    5G Wifi option missing

    Hello, Recently updated firmware from 2.4 to 2.5 at the same time I noticed that I used to be able to choose 5G as the default Wifi band. This is no longer an option. Downgraded firmware back to 2.4 but the option is still missing. The app is up to date. thanks
  4. JGKenyon

    Cannot connect iPhone 12 Pro Max to Wifi on A129 Pro Duo

    I hope someone can help me here. I tried searching for the answer, but the Search feature on this forum won't search for terms like "iOS", "14" and "7" because it says those terms are "too short". I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 14.7. My Viofo A129 Pro Duo is running firmware 2.4. My...
  5. A

    The camera doesn't show GPS info or get into parking mode anymore!

    Greetings everyone, I had my replacement A129 dashcam working flawlessly for approximately 9 months, but until recently, some issues have shown up. Firstly, the GPS has suddenly stopped working. The camera itself shows me "No GPS", and on the recorded videos, there's no speed or coordinates in...
  6. T

    Good for surveillance?

    Hi, I’m thinking of getting the a119 or maybe 129 but wanted to check that it will work for what I require it for... I’ve been having issues with my car being vandalised recently, I did think of a security camera but our location is difficult as rural so no 4g/3G and car is far from my broadband...
  7. JohnnyFiama

    A129 Duo Pro - API Available?

    Hi Everyone Sorry if this is a dumb question - I am considering the above camera, but would like to know whether it is possible to transfer recordings via PC (over wifi) instead of using the iOS/Android Apps. Essentially I would like execute a script which connects to the camera AP and...
  8. D

    Best way to remove camera base from windshield?

    I have the A129 with GPS base mounted on my windshield and am moving to a new bus. I need the best way to remove the base from the windshield without damaging the base or the windshield. I want to remount it on my new bus. I thought maybe getting the sticker adhesive cold and then trying to pry...
  9. BCHobbyist

    A129 new dual IR Camera

    The soon to be released Infrared Camera is designed to mount on front windshield with Lens rotated 180 degrees facing inside the vehicle for Taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers. My test sample was mounted in rear window using original 6m long Rear Camera cable. It was interesting comparing all four A129...
  10. B

    Which hardware do I need to hardwire A129 Duo.

    Hello. I recently bought an A129 Duo camera. I have no technician knowledge as to how to hardwire it, and I'm planning to pay someone to do it for me. The question is, what should I buy additionally in order to hardwire it? I've seen a hardwire kit, and a fuse kit. It's just that I'm not so...
  11. D

    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    Hello, I have a question regarding the A129 Duo and hardwiring. I have noticed on previous models I've owned (A119S) that turning Parking Mode on causes constant alerts and clips to be saved during driving, which leads me to believe that Parking Mode has to be manually enabled every time I want...
  12. C

    Is the A129 capable of transferring Full HD video records via Wifi?

    Is the A129 capable of transferring Full HD video records via Wifi? I saw on similar dash cams HD video could only be transferred via the micro sd card to PC.
  13. C

    What’s the difference among A119, A119S, A119 pro and A129?

    What’s the difference among A119, A119S, A119 pro and A129?
  14. C

    My phone keeps beeping when connecting A129 to my phone?

    Hi, I’ve just had my A129 installed into my car - front & rear cameras. I’ve then linked the cameras via Wifi to my phone but the phone now continually beeps? I’ve tried to eliminate this but cannot find a solution?
  15. C

    I'm having trouble connecting my phone to the camera A129.

    I'm having trouble connecting my phone to the camera A129. I've downloaded app from Google play store and the Wi-Fi is lit up blue on camera but all it keeps saying is 'ready to connect when signal improves. What am I doing wrong or is there something else that I can do?
  16. C

    Is this capacitor or built in battery on A129?

    Is this capacitor or built in battery on A129? Do I need a powerbank when using?
  17. C

    Can I connect my camera with windows phone?

    I have windows phone, can I connect my camera with my phone?