1. MongoosC5

    T130 - WiFi Station Mode

    Hello I understand there is a beta firmware for the A139 to enable WiFi Station Mode (to allow the device to connect to my wireless network). Is this a possibility for the T130 and if so, how? Thanks!
  2. C

    Duo IR with NON IR firmware / BEST firmware for AutoEventDetection Parking mode?

    Hey everybody. Since few years I'm using viofo dashcams. Always with some small issues, but still working great. Last few weeks I'm getting crazy about how newer updates works :( I was always using firmware v1.03 with Low bitrate parking mode. It was working fine tho, but every few weeks camera...
  3. JGKenyon

    Cannot connect iPhone 12 Pro Max to Wifi on A129 Pro Duo

    I hope someone can help me here. I tried searching for the answer, but the Search feature on this forum won't search for terms like "iOS", "14" and "7" because it says those terms are "too short". I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 14.7. My Viofo A129 Pro Duo is running firmware 2.4. My...
  4. R

    A129 Pro Duo Firmware2.0 does not go to parkingmode

    I had updated the frimware to 2.0 -version- V2.0.20200710 - did reset the camera with the hard reset button. When using timelapse recording it stays on normal recording 2 min 4k clips no timelapse. tryed 3 sec and 5 sec timelapse settings bud all the same.
  5. R

    What is new in Firmware v1.1 A129 Pro Duo Dash Camera?

    There is only a firmware file on the suport page and no list of fixes or new features
  6. gug

    Gaps between files

    I have tested these cards and gap is about 5 seconds with high framerate
  7. Athanasios Staikos

    I am new owner of Git2P

  8. J


  9. P

    Git 2 zoom

  10. V

    GIT2P Superview

  11. nutsey

    MOD1 custom firmware.

  12. J

    Firmware request - Dive mode

  13. B

    Git2 Firmware 1.5 WiFi frozen